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Jamestown Road SHD

The proposed mixed-use development comprises the construction of 321 Build to Rent apartments, coworking/office space, a retail unit, café, crèche, gym, landscaping, residential amenity and car parking on a c. 1.76 ha brownfield site on long-term vacant lands at Jamestown Road, Finglas. The development includes 5 no. blocks ranging in height from 5 to 6 storeys and presents a vastly improved active frontage to Jamestown Road to that existing at present.

The development incorporates c. 3,498 sqm (net) of commercial space in the form of a gym, café, office space, crèche and retail unit, as well as including c. 1,891 sqm of internal residential facilities and amenity space that includes a cinema room, games room, residential lounge, communal kitchen, kids’ playroom and quiet room. This is in addition to a total of c. 2,528 sqm of external communal open space provided in a central garden courtyard, roof terrace provided at Block D and allotment gardens south of Block A, accessible to all residents. The scheme also provides for 2,045 sqm of public open space and plaza located between Blocks A, D and E, accessible from Jamestown Road, ensuring the proposal integrates fully with and contributes positively to the adjoining residential neighbourhood.